The Farmhouse Style and Me

I grew up living along the east coast - Richmond VA, Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC and Kingsland, GA. I was exposed to mainly Colonial and Georgian styles and it wasn't till I was older and moved west that I became familiar with the farmhouse stye. It is welcoming, comfortable and timeless. Farmhouse style often features charming details such as scalloped trim, farmhouse-style turnings and age-worn edges. The farmhouse look points to how things used to be and that tugs at people emotions. It’s a reflection of times past, how things used to be made, and how they used to look and feel. The farmhouse style is seeing a huge revival.

How to Build a Built-in Part 3 of 3 the Bookshelves

My wife really wanted to have built-in bookshelves and who am I to say no to my amazing wife? I do, however, think that the word "bookshelves" are a thing of the past and should be called something different because they are not really used to hold books anymore. I think they would be better called accessory shelves, display shelves, look-at-me shelves or something more relatable to the content they hold!

How to Build a Built-in Part 2 of 3 - The Fireplace Mantel and Surround

The center of any living room should be the fireplace. This is a special place in the house because it brings people together. I have wonderful memories of the fireplace that was in my house as a kid growing up in Georgia. We were lucky and had a real wood working fireplace.  I got to chop wood and clean out the ashes when the fire had burned out. It sounds like it was a chore but it was so much fun.

How to Build a Built-in Part 1 of 3 - The Cabinets

The Custom Built-ins started out with lots of research, and like many DIY project we looked to Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration. You can follow me on Pinterest here and Houzz here. A lot of love and time went into this project and in this post you will learn how the cabinets were made. The second post will discuss the fireplace and the third will conclude with the bookshelves. Below is a photo of the final project.

Growth Chart

My wife has been asking me to make a growth chart for our kids and I have finally got around to doing it. I will post pictures of the final product soon!

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The Start of the Fireplace and Built-in Cabinets

I have been working really diligently over the past few months on getting the cabinets and fireplace complete for Christmas.  I will be posting a full video of how I made this on my YouTube Chanel.

My parents came to visit me a few weeks back and my dad was really helpful. We built (2, Left and Right) base cabinets in just two and a half days. Here is a picture of our work at the end of the two and a half days. The only thing left was to put the top on and give it a final sanding and paint job.