How to Build a Parsons Table

A Kitchen Table is the Heart of the Home

How to build a parsons table

I believe having breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family is one of the most important things one can do to build family trust, unity and relationships. For us, this is not always easy with our little ones who often need our undivided attention while eating. Mealtimes can be challenging trying to make sure everyone is eating, not making a mess, etc. But, I am sure that will change as the kids get older and are better able to feed and care for themselves. The dinner table or kitchen table can be the heart of a home. It is a place where we not only eat but laugh, share stories, and play games - which is why finding the perfect table was so important to my wife and I. Join me on this adventure of discovery as I unfold how our table came to be.

It All Started with an Empty House

How To Build a Table

It was move in day and my wife Samantha and I realized we had more space to live in than we had ever had in our entire lives. We moved from Chicago where we started out in a small one bedroom apartment with a half kitchen. I say half kitchen because everything was half size. The stove, oven and fridge. I don't think our apartment was more than 600 square feet. We moved two additional times in the city. The second time was to a two bedroom apartment and the third was a three bedroom home in the Chicago suburbs. Each time we moved we said to each other, we have so much space, how are we ever going to fill it? Well the answer to that question is somehow, almost magically, it gets filled with stuff and each time you move to a bigger place the new dwellings seem to dwarf your current possessions.

The Perfect Table

Samantha and I debated and searched for the perfect table for our kitchen area for several weeks. Samantha wanted something large that could seat eight people. I wanted something with clean lines made of solid wood.  We looked online and at local shops and we came up empty and frustrated. During our search my wife pointed out that I have expensive taste. It isn't that I like expensive things, it's just that good design costs a lot. I also learned that when it comes to furniture, the closer you get to wanting a timeless piece the more costly the product becomes.

After several weeks of searching we finally found a table we both agreed on but there was one problem. It was outside our budget and there was no way either of us could justify making such a purchase. I became frustrated and said to my wife, "I will just build us our perfect table." Samantha said to me, "you can build a table?" I responded, "sure why not, I built a bed, coffee table, cabinet, fireplace and bookshelves, how hard is a table?" Secretly, I had no idea how I was going to build the table I had envisioned. I looked for instructions online and searched YouTube for videos but I discovered none that were what I was looking for. That is when I just decided to study a picture of a table that I liked and it happened to be a parsons table. I simply built what I saw using the skills and knowledge I had. Before I started building the table, I knew I wanted to document my process because I know others may benefit from my experience. Here is the video I created showing you how to make the Parsons table I designed.

How To Build a Parsons Table

Here is a video on how the table was made. Please subscribe to my channel.

The entire process of building this table was so much fun. The most challenging part was building and attaching the legs. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

When Should You Build or Order a Custom Table

The family table is an important part of the home. Dinner or kitchen tables are often passed down through generations and they should be an investment. You don't ever want to break the bank but you should know that you do pay for what you get. There are two ways you can invest in a table: one is to make it yourself,the other is to have one custom made for your specific needs.

If you are adventurous like me and have the basic tool (miter saw, kreg jig, drill, biscuit joiner and a few clamps you can make this table.  If you are less adventurous but still want to have a great story and adventure you can always email me and tell me what you are looking for in a table and I will be happy to give you a quote on a custom table made just for you and your family needs.